Gamification 3.0

Virtual Games for Real
Business Goals

Gamification 3.0 is a new version of gamification programs based on computer games.
Its strength lies in making the progress in the game world dependable on player’s business results.
It enables the creation of long-term motivational mechanism which pushes players to constantly
better the business results.

In our portfolio one can find programs that have led to increase of the fulfillment of targets,
an increase in e-learning participation to 70% and lowering the level of employee rotation by 20%.

Points, badges,
Social status
and interactions
Challenges and development
Virtual game world


Motivational Schema

Virtual Game

The key purpose of our game-like schema is creating a virtual game
that has mechanics and main story line customized to the specific business
needs of the project and to the expectations of the platform users.


At least 60% of the users of our gamification platforms
become engaged players after completing the initial
stage of the game. As part of the welcome package
our players receive resources which allow them to complete
a dozen of plot missions. The level of challenges rises
which results in increased players’ engagement and boosts
their feeling of development.


When the user has been drawn into the game,
the starting resources get depleted. From that point on,
the only way to get sufficient resources to continue
the game is the fulfillment of business goals.


The better the player fulfills the business goals,
the more resources he gets and the faster he can
progress in the game world.

Loyalty and Motivation

Oskars’ Bedrocks of Gamification

Since 2003 we have been specializing in creating motivational programs building long-term relationships of customers
and contractors with such brands like Toyota Motor Poland, BASF Polska, Santander Consumer Bank, ENERGA,
Media Expert, EuroCash, Boehringer Ingelheim, Komputronik, TEVA, Amica and many others. Presently we use
the experiences gained during the implementation of a dozen loyalty and relationship programs to build the
engagement of our gamification platforms users. Once the engagement is formed, we motivate users to change their
behaviour into a behaviour they will facilitate achieving the business objectives set out for the gamification program.


BASF BeneFito

B2B segment relationship program addressed to
the biggest Polish agricultural holdings

- building relationships based on long-term cooperation, loyalty and trust
with the most important customers of the company
- the program grants participants access to thoroughly researched specialist
knowledge in the form of market reports, current stock exchange
quotations, news and articles
- the participants have access to a broad range of benefits exchanged
for the points collected on individual accounts
the program also includes professional advisory of customer consultants
in the field of technology and farming topics

Client: BASF Polska Sp. z o.o. benefito

Toyota More

Loyalty program for Toyota car owners (individuals and small companies)

- Building and strengthening a long-term relationship with a loyal customer by means of an attractive
point system, dedicated special offers, personalized online communication and access to valuable benefits
- The participants of the program collect points for purchasing a car, visiting the authorized
workshop, payments with bank cards or for doing shopping at the program’s partners’.
- The points may be exchanged for a discount when purchasing a next car or when carrying out
maintenance services
- 75% of program participants is loyal to the brand (in comparison with the customer loyalty rate
of 52% among the customers not being participants of the program
- 16,9% of participants own at least 2 registered Toyota cars.

toyota_more Client: Toyota Motor Poland


Gamification for internal sales forces

Story line: a building-management game where players are striving
to obtain a 100% BIO certificate for the products manufactured
on the farm

Client: Santander Consumer Bank sanville

Misja Ekspert

Gamification for internal sales force

A strategy and construction game in which the user’s goal is
to build a city and explore an underwater world.

The idea:
- building and strengthening relationships with company employees
- motivating employees to actively sell by setting individual and group goals,
for achieving the goals users receive points that can be exchanged for prizes
- access to business results and industry knowledge (knowledge pills, quizzes)

Client: Media Expert misja expert

SC Team

A relationship platform facilitating the promotion
of the bank products in car showrooms

- a work tool for zone managers, who build and develop relationships with dealer stations on behalf of the bank
- access to modern and flexible communication tool and sales support
- simultaneously the bank uses the solutions available on the platform to build relationships with zone managers
- motivating the showroom advisers to promote Santander Consumer Banku financial products actively
by means of individual sales targets and a point system connected with them
- maintaining constant communication with the platform participants
- maintaining and developing long-term relationships with car showrooms owners
- organizing additional special events and competitions

Client: Santander Consumer Bank

Generacja S

Motivational platform supporting hire purchase using
Santander Consumer Bank products

- basic work tool for financial advisers
- the project is aimed at sellers in order to motivate them to sell actively in hire purchase system
- various events and competitions are organized within the platform
(including the possibility of flexible adaptation to current business goals and needs)
- motivating the participants to sell actively by means of setting individual sales targets
- building loyalty through rewarding for the targets reached.
- active communication of the platform participants with financial advisers

Client: Santander Consumer Bank

Rock Town

B2B Gamification for external sales forces

Story line: a building-strategy game where players’ goal is to rebuild a city
destroyed by a natural disaster and to protect it against imminent cataclysms

Awards: Golden Arrow 2017 Statuette (category B2B loyalty programs)

Client: Rockwool rock town

San City

Gamification for internal sales forces

Story line: a building-strategy game
where the player’s goal is to rebuild a city affected by
a brick crisis. The player becomes a mayor who rebuilds
the city and makes its citizens happy

Client: Santander Consumer Bank sancity

Rockwool Supercontractor Club

Motivational program addressed to construction contractors dealing
in thermal insulation of buildings with ROCKWOOL mineral wool.

- Building a base of active contractors
- Encouraging to buy and recommend ROCKWOOL mineral wool
- Educating the contractors in the field of products presentation, the process of conversation with the investor,
presenting the advantage over competition’s products
- Promoting the best contractors on the market
- Integrating the contractors with the ROCKWOOL company
The key principle of the program:
Rewarding the contractor for each accepted realization utilizing ROCKWOOL mineral wool

Client: Rockwool

Nasz Orange

Gamification for the internet community

Story line: the player joins the game for the title
of the Hero of the Community. To
achieve it he must in particular post solutions to the
problems raised on the Community forum.

Awards: Lithy 2017
(the third prize in the category Digital Design Excellence)

Client: Orange

Oskar's Team

Zbigniew Skarul


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